Picking Out The Best Salon Hooded Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer Today

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Picking Out The Best Salon Hooded Hard Bonnet Hair Dryer Today

Hooded hard bonnet hair dryers are classic salon equipment. They make every makeover faster and more effective which is favorable for both the customer and the stylist. Unlike regular blow-dryers, this kind of hair dryer has its own stand and all you have to do is to put it on your head and wait for the hair to dry up completely. You can use it to dry hair with rollers on as well. Even though this type of hair dryer was most popular back in the 1950s, there are new models today in the market with amazing features that you might be excited to try out. To give you a glimpse, here are some of the best salon hooded hard bonnet hair dryer in the market that you should check out right now!

BaByliss Ionic 2000 W Dryer

This hair dryer is not your ordinary salon equipment. The BaByliss Ionic 2000 W Dryer comes with speakers that allow users to relax while their hair is drying. It makes the waiting time more tolerable because which might just be the one thing that would set you apart from other salons that they tried before. The height is also adjustable and portable because of its wheels. But most importantly, it uses ionic technology that makes the hair shiny and smooth. You can also change the speed and the temperature settings so you have more control of the hair dryer.

BR Dryer and Chair Combo

BR Dryer and Chair combo offers the complete package for stylists or salon owners. Aside from its powerful hair dryer, it has a comfortable chair and a wooden frame. It can be a little difficult to move around because of its weight, but this is a heavy duty hair dryer that you should definitely use if you’re going to start up your own salon.

Professional Salon Performance Dryer

If you want to have a dryer that can be used for both home and salon uses, the Professional Saloon Performance Dryer is worth a try. It has an adjustable hood, temperature levels, and settings and an easy-to-use design.

Hair dryers might have a bigger size compared to your regular blow dryer but it’s more suitable if you have a salon or you just want to make hair drying easier for you. It’s more powerful and would prevent pains in your wrist.